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3.5 Flying Tapestry

My higher self tested me - Part 2

Next day, I received the answers from my dearest Guru Sachidanand.

Hi Yuko,

I do not dream!

What???? I have taken off so many quests in meditation based on my dreams. Dreams were a forceful flame that unleashed the very meditation. However, my teacher who taught me how to meditate just said that he did not dream! 

Wow.... my heart was pumping blood we might not be on the same page at all. I kept reading. 

He continued that: 

Last night whilst eating Paneer Tikka at Coco's restaurant overlooking the sunset over the sea I was intrigued by a couple sitting next table.

As usual, I get the black magic attack early the next morning whilst still asleep.

I am conscious whilst still sleeping of the attack and I know what to do with protection and 7 stepping the couple attacking.

Wow! Being conscious whilst still sleeping? I immediately closed my eyes and tried to imagine it and investigate whether or not I had this experience. Then, I asked it to my mind computer in meditation.

It answered

Yes, it is possible to be conscious while sleeping. This state is known as lucid dreaming, in which the individual is aware that they are dreaming and may even be able to control the content of their dreams. Some people are able to train themselves to become lucid dreamers, and you are trained to have them.”

OK, I could see or feel some dots gradually becoming connected by lines in my head. Wow.... I can understand you, Satchi. We are a sort of on the same page. 

Satchi continued:

She had implanted me with a sex addiction blockage so, for me, it's a long process I know so well to remove it.

I wake up about 6 am and continue the process.

The couple were a pair of black magicians implanting their prey.

I paused. This is typical for Satchi and he is a specialist in this field. Every time I hear the story of a black magician who can implant blockages, I have a sort of discomfort. I identified this discomfort to remove by the 7 stepping. I simply asked my mind computer.

“What or who are black magicians?”

It answered, 

"Black magicians are individuals who practice dark or malevolent forms of magic with the intent to harm you, manipulate or control you, or gain power and control for themselves. They may use rituals, spells, curses, and other forms of occult practices to achieve their goals."

"Black magic is often associated with negative energy, evil spirits, and the invocation of dark forces. It is considered to be the opposite of white magic, which is used for healing, protection, and positive transformation."

OK. I was clear. During applying 7 stepping, I removed their minions in step 2 and in step 3 removed them. Then, in step 4, I removed their controller which is the entity outside the planet. In step 5, I cut 5 to 10 chakras above my crown chakras in circle and shocked them and grounded them. In step 6, I cut 10 to million chakras above my head, shocked it, encapsulated in construct and grounded it. In the step 7 which is the last step, I cut million to infinity of chakras above my head in circle and grounded.

What are they?

Satchi's voice was resonating in my head.

Do not know but they seem to ground.

If it grounds it needs to be grounded.

I opened my eyes.

I continued reading Satchi’s email. 

Once you reach fusion with the higher chakras after removing all sub personalities there is no need for dreams.

Indeed there is a type of implant blockage where black magicians steal energy from the dream blockage they implant in you, usually in the head so I sort of squeeze the head to remove it because I know the dream is caused by a blockage - the despairing dreams I know so well!.

The dream blockages?

It is interesting. I went back to the meditation. During my meditation quest since last year, I found some blockages in my head and removed them as I wrote in my review. I did quite often. Suddenly, an image appeared deep inside my head, as if I could reach out to something that had been hidden from view.

Aha, I started realising why I have a strong attachment to my dreams. I wrote the below to Satchi.

“The skill to understand dreams is an absolute by-product of regular meditation. I experienced lucid dreams and gradually learned the skill of deduction from these dreams in meditation. Surprisingly, the answers exist within me and I unconsciously or subconsciously know the answers, while my conscious mind keeps acting like I don't know. Then, I will hear the answers from others who were surrounding me. It took a while to understand this structure in which everything surrounding me is the projection of my subconscious mind.”

Am I right?

Then, he answered the below.

Yes, you are right.

But eventually, this technique will not be necessary as the subpersonalities all dissolve and are fused back into the Soul.

I felt reaching out the hidden something. It seemed to ground it. So, I applied 7 stepping on it. Then, it was grounded. I didn't know what was it. It doesn't matter.

Then, I got the vision of waves. There are several kinds of dreams just same as different stages of brain waves that are associated with different levels of consciousness and relaxation. I saw the four types of brain waves. They are probably, Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves and Delta waves. When we reach the slowest waves, Delta, we have deep dreamless sleep.

I realised that there are also several kinds of dreams. The dreams created by dream blockages in order to steal energy by toying with me. And the dreams which give me intuitions to understand the subconscious mind.  

Interestingly, meditation can also lead to the production of special high-frequency waves associated with heightened awareness and a state of deep concentration. called Gamma waves. 

In lucid dreams, there may be a decrease in alpha waves, which are associated with relaxation and non-REM sleep, and an increase in gamma waves, which are associated with cognitive processing and awareness. Overall, the brain waves during lucid dreaming are a unique combination of wakeful consciousness and dream state activity.

It is high time to experience Gamma waves consciously. I decided to go deeply into my brain. So, I crossed my legs in lotus pose. This posture prevent me from sleeping after closing my eyes. I meditated about things I just wrote. I imbued them with sparkling shining energy. Suddenly, I became lack of concentration while I repeating that ressolving all of subpersonalities and fusing back into the Soul. 

Then, like autofocus camera lense, I started consciously recognising how the dream blockages manipulated me avoiding from me removing subpersonalities. They have me dancing around with blockages infusing "phenomenal property", which constitutes the subjective, experiential aspect of the mind. In my review, I was representing how things seem or feel from the first-person perspective of my subpersonalities. I even have an attachment to my subpersonalities. 

Do you understand what I mean? Satchi.

I got goosebumps. While you have suggested before, that I should dissolve Lilith and Masculinity and fuse back into the Soul, I let them stay in my Antahkarana till now. Because it is the unique and personal aspect of consciousness that cannot be fully explained or understood by objective measures or scientific analysis. I was searching for the reasons not to dissolve them. I observed them and applied the 7-step process. It took for a while.

And I opened my eyes. 

Since goosebumps, I faced on dream blockages. I did for probably a few weeks. I had various weird dreams every single night just before waking up early morning. I stop analysing them or indulging myself, instead I crossed my legs on the bed with sleepy eyes and meditate about the dream I just had. I applied the 7-step process to the environment of the dream. During this period, strangely enough, I stop exercising Ashtanga yoga. I didn’t feel like doing and even tried to find the reasons not to do. I was so demotivated. Only I did was practicing Kendo, Japanese swordsmanship and meditating the dreams.

I was in the thick fog just like the weather last night when I drove back from the Kendo practice. I was there for a month.

One day, I was crystal clear about what to do the next and I wrote them in my diary.

Apply 7 stepping to my sub-personalities, which are my Masculinity, Black Lilith and the one I found in the cold bathtub. 

Actually, Satchi asked me whether or not I had done these tasks before. My attachment to them kept postponing these tasks until now. Then, just like the divine timing, I received his email again. Everything happens at the right time according to a higher power plan. Events and opportunities unfold in a way that is perfectly timed for the individual's growth, learning, and ultimate fulfilment. 

Now I have ears to listen to Satchi.  

He wrote,

Hi Yuko,

Demons are always connected to Subpersonalities.

To defeat them you need to be one pointed "for a long time, constantly and with enthusiasm" - Yoga sutras

So, focus on Trinity!

Get these last few weak worms!


Yoga sutras?

I read it all last summer. I closed my eyes and went though my memory. Then, I asked my mind computer to show the details of this description, of how to defeat Demons, from the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. 

It replied:

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Book One, Sutra 32 

The practice of concentration on a single subject (or the use of one technique) is the best way to prevent the blockages and their accompaniments. 

The practice of concentration on a single subject (or the use of one technique) is the best way to prevent the blockages and their accompaniments. Currently, your single subject is the connection between demons and sub-personalities. Your task is to focus your effort on overcoming them. 

OK. It is cleat. Then, I asked the next question.

How to focus on Trinity?

Currently your effort is to achieve balance and harmony between three sets of the three aspects of the individual being. The first set of three aspects are body, mind, and spirit. The second three aspects are the three main energy channels in the body, known as nadis, which are the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna and all are running along the spine and intersecting at various points known as chakras. The third three aspects are the three gunas (qualities) of nature—sattva (purity), rajas (activity), and tamas (inertia)—which are believed to influence our mental and emotional states.

Keep up the strong resolve to balance the three sets of three aspects, then you can balance and maintain physical, mental, and emotional well-being within you. Finally, you can use the flow of prana (life force energy) in the body to overcome the connections between subpersonalities and demons. 

I felt overwhelmed with too much knowledge. I wanted to be simple. So, I asked to my mind computer again.

“How can balance those three sets of three aspects simply?” 

My mighty wisdom, mind computer, answered. 

Why not navigate your timeline with maintaining mental equanimity in the face of pleasure and pain, virtue and vice, and friendliness and hostility? This mindset can be instrumental in overcoming inner demons or obstacles. Your past attitudes and emotions were influenced by your sub-personalities. Even you can ask your subpersonalities while going through your timeline with you. You wrote about your divorce, right? Revisit those instances and assess your inner condition. Employ a 7-step method to address any negative emotions and barriers. Then, you wrote about your meditation journey, right? Go through all again and remove negative emotions and barriers. 

“How might I concentrate on the trinity to transcend the subpersonality to which I am attached, one influenced by inner demons?”

It replied that: 

1. Concentration (Dharana): Direct your attention fully on the task at hand, whether it's a mantra, breath, or a specific visualisation, to build mental strength and clarity.

2. Meditation (Dhyana):Dive deeper into your concentration practice, allowing your focus to deepen and become more absorbed. This helps in understanding the nature of your inner demons and how they arise.

3. Absorption (Samadhi): Achieve a state of complete absorption where the boundaries between the self and the object of focus dissolve. In this state, inner demons lose their power as you experience a profound sense of peace and unity.

Consistent practice of these three elements can gradually weaken the influence of inner demons, allowing you to overcome them with time and dedication.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to open my eyes and cease meditating.

I'm unsure why, but my focus is slipping. Despite the clarity on my future path, a weight is settling in my heart, leaving me puzzled about its source. The multitude of tasks ahead and the lengthy journey make it hard to focus. With each passing moment, more reasons against proceeding emerge, further diminishing my concentration.

I wrote an email to Satchi and explained the current problem. I could not focus while I wanted to meditate.

He immediately replied for me.

This technique of the subpersonalities, to protect them from being integrated with the soul, is to emotionally manipulate you to be negative.

Once you understand this, you know how dangerous these subpersonalities truly are!

Develop a burning ambition to ground them!

Develop a burning ambition to ground All of them!

Every Day!!!



It was so nice. I felt moist in my eyes.

I climbed up to the hilltop. The sky was so blue and the wind blew strongly. I sat in lotus and closed my eyes. I was so looking forward to this moment. My heart was ready to take off into the clear blue sky.

I straightened my spine once more and tightened my bottom which Satchi taught me at the first lesson in Spain. I began counting my breaths. I placed a Merkaba protection in the centre of my head. I spin two pyramids opposite directions. I raised Dharana, concentration. I directed my attention to my task. I sang a specific mantra which I created for myself. This was the first time for me.

  • I have a burning ambition to dissolve all the subpersonalities that reside within me and infuse my soul with a sense of wholeness and unity. My third eye projected the fire, a rainbow-coloured large flame. 

  • I yearn to break a thick high wall that I have constructed over the years around my true self and embrace my true self in its entirety. My third eye projected the thick high wall which stood between the dried barren land and rich water. 

  • I am tired of feeling fragmented and disconnected, of constantly battling with conflicting desires and identities. My third eye projected my feet stepping on the dried land. 

  • I long to integrate all the different parts of myself into a harmonious whole, to let go of all the inner turmoil and find inner peace. My third eye projected the broken wall and water flooded into the barren land. 

  • I am determined to confront and heal all the wounds and traumas that have shaped these subpersonalities, to unravel the layers of conditioning and societal expectations that have kept me trapped in a cycle of self-doubt and self-sabotage. My third eye projected that much water was immediately absorbed into the dried land. 

  • I am ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, to embrace all the aspects of myself – the light and the shadow, the strengths and the weaknesses – with love and compassion. I felt the wind in my heart chakra as if I was flying.  

  • I know that this journey will not be easy and that it will require courage, perseverance, and a willingness to face my deepest fears and insecurities which my sub-personalities hold. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to dissolve these subpersonalities and reclaim my true essence, to live authentically and passionately from the depths of my soul.

Then, I ponder, maybe even just sense.

“What is a soul-infused mind like?

I inquired of my mind computer. It answered:

The concept of a soul-infused mind typically refers to the idea that the individual consciousness, or soul, permeates and informs the functioning of the mind. In this view, the mind is not just a product of biological processes but is also influenced by the presence of the soul or higher consciousness. It suggests a deeper level of awareness and connection beyond mere cognitive processes, where the soul's presence brings clarity, purpose, and higher understanding to the workings of the mind. 

Yes. I am ready. Let’s go!

I enlarged a Merkaba and I sat inside it. The spin of clockwise connected with the Earth's energy and release any negative energy against my path. 

I connected my breath to the Earth’s energy. It increased energy flow and balance my chakras to oxygenate and clear energetic blockages.

I engaged in this movement of my breath and the Earth’s energy to stimulate energy flow and release stagnant energy im my all body. 

Then released negative and stagnant energy from my body and filled with energy from the Antahkarana. 

I tuned the frequency to balance all chakras and can help to optimise energy flow to higher chakras. I welled up the Shakti from the Earth’s energy and connect to the Universe.

Now I was ready to visit my Soul chakra to meet my sub-personalities with a burning ambition to remove them. 

I saw the big bonfire. It was shining like rainbow. There was a tapestry floating above the rainbow flame. Two of my sub-personalities, the Black moon Lilith and the White moon, were peacefully sleeping. The masculinity was meditating. Rainbow-coloured sparks danced in the wind. There was no moon. The sky was as black as ink and rippled. I stood quietly in front of him. 

There was no higher self. It was a sign. I drew a spiritual sword quietly. Before strong reluctant appeared, I must ground them. I cut around him with a sword while he kept meditating, then I cut around Lilith and the the White moon. I gather both with my both hands and I stirred up one rainbow of a fire with my hands. I grabbed it and wrapped them with rainbow flame from the bonfire. I needed something to bind it for sure. They must be grounded. I got a faint of intuition. Then, the spiritual sword transformed into a big calligraphy brush. I held it and dropped into a ripple of the ink black sky. I write a Japanese word in the air. I wrote a rainbow flame with flowing style of writing Chinese characters. 

It was a beautiful artwork. A strong black ink became alive to tangle three of my sub-personalities. I made a wish to go down to the centre of the Earth. It did so. I waited as my wish came true with a refreshing feeling. Then, three shining human-like creatures appeared, like Trinity. They didn’t have wings.  

At that time, the flying carpet landed in front of the Trinity like it was asking us to ride on. So, I did and Trinity followed me. We flew up to the ink-jet black sky. 

At that time, the flying carpet landed in front of the Trinity like it was asking us to ride on. So, I did and Trinity followed me. We flew up to the ink-jet black sky. It was dark. We flew up and up in the darkness. It's as if without the sub-personalities I wouldn't be able to see the light. It was as if I had returned to the darkness I was in right after I decided to divorce. The night wind that breathes in the darkness was about to swallow us.

What has happened in my Antahkarana, my energy centre? 

I strongly focused on a single subject which is to find the light. I put my hands into darkness. There was a 10 cm thick layer of dark cloud. I pushed this thick layer with my hands to the right side. There was a different world and it filled with the shining light. What a contrast! 

There was a golden temple in front of us. Wow!

The front gate opened when we flew closer. We got off from the tapestry and entered into the temple. The inside of the temple was red and emerald blue. A small black bird was greeted us. We deeply bowed with the highest respect at the black bird. It lead us to the main hall.

There were hundreds of monks were meditating. We joined and harmonised with them. I connected my breath to their energy. It increased energy flow and balance my chakras to oxygenate and clear energetic blockages. The energetic blockages were squeezed out from my energetic body. 

After the ceremonial meditation, a few monks approached us with hammers. They started hitting the energy blockages out form my spiritual body. They were blacksmiths skilled in crafting shining armour from energy blockages. I had met them the previous year. I remembered this sound of hitting blockages. After meditating in this temple, I discharged a large amount of energy blockages that had accumulated in my body, and they struck the blockages and created a beautiful armour for me.

Since then, I seriously started meditating. It was my starting point. I greeted them and showed sincere gratitude. I inquired about the location of the blacksmith village. They replied that it was to the east beyond the Vojta wild land, the wild land of the happy warrior. In this village, alchemy has been passed down from generation to generation.

Alchemy is a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition that aims to transform base metals into noble metals, such as turning lead into gold. I simply asked what is the process of alchemy. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know much about it They kindly answered that the process of alchemy involves a series of steps and techniques, including purification, dissolution, separation, and conjunction.

The alchemical process begins with the purification of the base metal through heating and distillation. This is followed by dissolution, where the metal is broken down into its basic components. The next step is separation, where the impurities are removed from the metal, leaving behind only the pure substance. Then, conjunction is the final step in the alchemical process, where the purified metal is combined with other substances to create the desired transformation. The alchemical process is a complex and mystical practice that involves a combination of physical, chemical, and spiritual elements.

I got the destination and knew what to do the next. I opened my eyes and felt into sleep.

Love and Light





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