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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

3.6 Check-list

My higher self tested me - Part 3

I woke up when the sun was rising. The sky had a colour of red grapefruit. I opened the window. The chill wind was touching on my face. I sat on the bed. I covered myself with a thick duvet and crossed my legs in lotus. With satisfaction, I closed my eyes. I was on the top of the rugged hill.

I was breathing crisp fresh air into my lungs. Immediately, blood obtained oxygen and circulated all over my body. I felt that every single cell was awakened. My awakened body was vibrating steadily. For the first time, I simply believed that I could cohesively vibrate into space and my vibration contained my soul leaving my physical body. Breathing crisp air deep down into the bottom part of my stomach, I tasted fresh air. Gradually, I was gaining insight into my consciousness. My consciousness was renewed and transformed into calm confidence.  

The Satchi’s email popped up in my newborn confidence. The written words were vibrating into space through my confidence and the vibration contained his soul leaving from the email. I was looking at this animation.

How amazing it is! It hinted to me that it might be an astral projection. 

I asked in the email,

“What does it mean to become enlightenment?”

Satchi answered,

“I was unconsciously connected to my higher self.”

His words are vibrating into space through my confidence. It looks like a long ribbon. 

“How did you realise that you were enlightened?” and “How did you know all the blocks were gone?” I asked in the email. 

Satchi answered,

“Well, I knew age 32 I was enlightened.

It came after sessions with Zen Master Hogen after a Koan shock.”

Hogen said, "When you are enlightened, you know you are enlightened"

The last letter of enlightened were vibrating into space and I reached out my left hand to grab it. I did it! I grabbed the “enlightened” which Zen Master Hogen mentioned. I touched the rough, but smooth and thick, but delicate surface. It reminded me of when I touched a dolphin in the Red Sea a long time ago. The frequency from the dolphin caught me and now vibration from the letter "enlightened" flooded my body.  

Was it another truth which I searched for a year? The “enlightened” might be a mixture of frequency and vibration.  

Satchi’s word was continued to the end of the ribbon which was just slipped from my left hand. However, I acknowledged that strong power was acquired to be enlightened! A strong burning will could hold these vibration. I knew that! I experienced it in a blink moment.

Satchi’s words continued....

But enlightenment is not enough!

Hogen was at the level of the Soul.

Satchidananda was Sirius!

There was a process of astral initiation which continued for about 28 years of fusing with higher chakras and creating the seven step process which enabled the state I now inhabit. Really, evolution never stops. 

Now, the Avatar of Synthesis. 

World Enlightenment!

Against Satanism!

Satchidananda sent me energy when he died and many others!

I reached my right hand to grab the end of the words which was strongly vibrating. I grabbed it. Now I touched the energy from Satchidananda. It was so strong, but gentle like a spring storm. Sooner I imagine the spring storm, quickly the spring storm had gone from my right hand, just like disappeared into thin air.

I opened my eyes. The sun was up and shining as usual. I stretched my numbed legs and made a cup of Japanese green tea. While tasting hints of sweetness in bitterness, I was unleashing hints that great teachers gave me about enlightenment. It pushed me to reach clarity of self. 

Let's dive in, shall we?

I brought my feet to the Lotus position from my right leg. I closed my eyes. While creating a protective energy shield called Merkaba against negative influences like Satanism, I consciously breathe deeply. It was the most important thing I had to do without any doubt after feeling wise words from spiritual figures like Satchi, Zen Master Hogen, and Sathidananda.

Because their confident vibrations immediately taught me the importance of self-protection against a chaotic world filled with long-standing grudges. Their vibrations were that much pure.

We live in a chaotic world mixed with a deep-rooted grudge for hundreds of years. The chaotic world is a living thing. We must protect ourselves. By cultivating inner strength through meditation, we could create a powerful inner world that could ignite positive change. In a nutshell, this inner cosmos is the very fire starter. 

I pointedly asked myself. 

“The fire starter? What is that for?”

I got an answer. 

“To cause Alchemy. Alchemy was a forceful flame that unleashed the wind. Dreams were a forceful flame that unleashed the very meditation.”

“Whether or not you can be soul-infused personality is whether the fire starter can show up where the fire will be lit.” 

“Where the fire will be lit?” I asked myself again. 

“The spot, where you absolutely can’t leave.” 

I opened my eyes. It must be a high time to go to work. I wrote down this riddle in my diary. I knew that it would be an important key to the next step. 

The sun went down and darkness was struggling to cover the sky because of the full moon. The day was almost end. I had one important thing to do before going to bed. Meditate! I opened my diary and read the riddle which I wrote down this morning. Then, I realised that I received two emails from Satchi. 

He commented on the message from my higher self which I wrote in my previous review.

“My higher self continued. Because you need him to understand your shadows. His role is not to heal you. You must work with him and the other two of your shadows and create something meaningful and also beautiful. Through the process, you understand and accept the parts of your shadows that you keep hidden from others. It allows you to explore aspects of your personalities that you would not normally acknowledge. But your shadows communicate through him. He is an interpreter. Then, you can fully understand that other half of yourself that projected onto and manipulated your past partners as well as your father and brother.” 

Satchi commented, 

This is your next task.

When you fuse these Subpersonality shadows into the Soul.

When the Soul knows all their teachings.


You will be enlightened!


Ah, Satchi was really kind. He always gave me positive nudge. When I encountered the term “enlightened”, I instinctively clenched my left hand, shut my eyes, and took a deep breath. Through my left hand the resonance of the word, “enlightened,” lingered within me from this morning’s meditation. I honed my third eye, projecting a version of myself capable of integrating these Subpersonality shadows into the Soul after completing the upcoming task which my higher self gave me and Satchi confirmed me. 

It promised to be quite the challenge. So, I decided to make a check list like when I did the task to remove all pacts last summer. Do you remember it?

The Check-list

Plus, my mind computer suggested below;


  • The riddle of “Fire starter”

Strangely, I was looking forward whilst the check list was long and demanding. 

Because I could pose inquiries to my shadows regarding my actions, my ex-husband's actions towards me, my father's inaction, or my brother's behaviour, among others. Furthermore, the most interesting part would be that my traumatised Masculinity would interpret their answers for me. 

Then, I could digest all and everything will become my fresh, blood and bone. Subsequently, I would unravel all the mysteries of my current and past lives. The Soul would absorb all the teachings from my shadows.

Oddly, I found myself eagerly anticipating the prospect of crafting something profound and beautiful from my shadows. Isn't that thrilling?

But I should not misjudge my own ability and as well as my shadows’. 

I accepted who I was, like drinking a cup of tea called Yuko. I have fear to face them again. I feel embarrassed to read them again. I slowly became a bit lazy to go thorough the check list. I know I am not a careful person and easy to be driven by emotions. I made lots of mistakes in the past. I am not perfect.

Then, I drunk up a cup of green tea called Yuko.

To be brutally honest, there was full of emotions in my writing. I wrote my emotion as much as and as clear as possible. It was my therapy to transpire fear that trapped me. I was devastated. I tried to take any port in a storm. I meditated every day in a storm and I convinced myself that all fear was delusion. And I really hoped one day the delusion would go. 

When I complete this task, I could see and feel the world without impurities and afflictions. I would understand all the reasons in my life and previous lives. Then, the Soul would know all my shadows teachings.

Let’s do that, Satchi! 

I opened my eyes and another email from Satchi. 

He wrote, 

Back to basics...

First, All subpersonalities can be grounded and sent up to fuse with the Soul.

Good to do this with masculinity - he obviously was very traumatised.

Yes, I would, Satchi. It was clear.

My masculinity was surely one of ports in the storm. He healed me and supported me to get out from the delusion. He provided me with shelter, a home on this chaos world. I fully appreciated him. But he was traumatised. In return, I would ground his and also my traumas which made him split from the soul. 

What would we create together? Something meaningful and something beautiful? 

I didn’t know yet, but I knew we could do it. Because I trained my imagination and focus power over a year in meditation. I developed the ability of a seven step process. I have it at my fingertips. 

Moreover, in this morning, I got a clue to take off my soul into space, where has no distances or boundaries as we understand them in the real world.  I acknowledged that there was no up, down, left or right, even no time. It is like a virtual space which is the construct in the Matrix film you like.

Satchi taught that,

The construct. 

1. Create a pyramid protection with infinite golden spheres around it. Compress the infinite spheres to the thinness of a razor blade. Then create an infinity of infinite golden spheres and compress these also. Count them up as the columns. Charge it with energy. This is your new crucible which you can clone. The construct.

When using the construct to compress and ground a blockage compress the infinity of spheres around it into one infinite sphere then add infinite spheres as you do the time slam saying infinity, infinity with every time slam. The addition of infinite spheres will help crack the blockage so you can continue to ground it.

2. Place a construct around each of the seven steps and use the techniques to ground each of the seven steps. As you ground using light from the third eye and heart to provoke the grounding. As you ground using the time slam and compression to increase the energy density to provoke the grounding. See the negative karmic mass going down to be burnt up. See the released Angels going up to be incorporated into your psychic body.

I kept reading Satchi’s email.

He wrote,

I recommend time slam and compression at the same time.

What exactly is a time slam? 

It's a technique for grounding blockages after the seven step process during the grounding process. 

Very powerful.

Imagine the timeline past and future, blockage in the middle, now. 

As you move the blockage millions of years into the past and then back towards the now it develops a lot of time energy.

So that when you bring it back into the now, it's like it hits a brick wall. An explosion of energy.

And then into the future and back into the now, it's like it hits a brick wall. An explosion of energy.  

So we keep on doing that it builds up a charge on the blockage in it's construct, so it starts to look like a quasar.

100x time slam and check for grounding. Repeat to keep it grounding, and repeat until totally healed.

Like we do with the compression technique, - gas, water, solid, black hole, neutron star, quasar. A black hole which releases light at the poles. google an image.


I usually use my two hands for this.

I imagine the blockage between my hands.

I compress.

I imagine..

1. gas to liquid

2. liquid to solid

3. solid to neutron star.

4. neutron star to black hole

5. black hole to quasar.

There are beams of light emanating from each pole of the quasar, transmuting, grounding, the blockage.

It may take a while, but they cannot stop this..

I read it all twice for sure, even I knew all and had been using these techniques since September 7 in 2021!! (I’ve just read the first review I wrote).  I had used the construct protection during applying the 7 stepping and I had revealed one of my past live. 

Surprisingly, I wrote about the traumatised man who had soft brown hairs!!  He might be the Masculinity. Then, I read the next review. I wrote that I met two little girls!!! They must be Lilith and White Moon.. Oh, my God.. I met them in September 2021!!! 

I had applied 7 stepping with the construct technique and ground them for sure in September 2021. I wrote it so. But they were still living inside me. There are only two possibilities whether I didn’t ground them completely or so many subpersonalities exist within me. 

Satchi’s voice was resonating in my head.

Back to basics...

First, All subpersonalities can be grounded and sent up to fuse with the Soul.

Yes, I would. It didn't matter how many.

Now I was extremely serious and constantly conscious. I would ground all my subpersonalities who I had met in meditation and had written about them. 

What should I do now? 

Yes, I must read my writing when I found the temple in meditation.

I wrote the below in December 27, 2022. I underlined key words.

On Tue, Dec 27, 2022 at 12:38 PM Yuko 

I removed the blockages on the right side of my neck with this energy and I went up to the top of Antahkarana with Maitreya. I touched the gemstone with my right palm covered by an orange hot spring which came from Shakti.

The space opened up beyond the futuristic library. But this time another world had appeared. Amazing... are there multiple facets in this space? I was in the huge red temple decorated with yellow embroidered fabrics and packed with monks wearing orange costumes.

They were waiting for me. I was lying in the middle of monks who were chanting mantras or sutras. Incense and chanting were fixing the right side of the body and chakras, removing blockages, surprisingly there were still. They opened the instep of my right leg and removed blockages through the hole and burned them in fire, then poured sacred water. I heard the sound of shuuuu which calmed me.

Then, the monk hit the blockage after being purified by water. They are doing blacksmith!!! I was hearing the sounds of blacksmith, it reminded me of the Tibetan bowl music. Once they fixed my right side, they started to remove the stagnant love I failed to give this lifetime and past lives. Instead of giving, I held it for a long time. It was rotten, thick, old love and attachments in past unhealthy relationships.

Oh, my god, Satchi. I’ve never ever expected this moment. These monks were so skilful and calm. They kept removing, burning, purifying and hitting. I was wondering how much metal there was now and what they are creating. 

It had finished. I was empty and light. Even regrets, shame, anger and sadness were removed. I had no thoughts or attachments. Then, they showed me beautiful shiny armour! Oh my god, I was so overwhelmed and moved. They created the protection by my blockages and old stagnant love reservoir.

They told me that this was a special soft metal to protect from bad energy, but I can absolve positive good energy through it. They put it on me. It was soft like silk and light like a feather. I put my palms together and thanked them from the bottom of my heart. 

It was interesting. Everything meant to be happened, didn’t it? 

The flying tapestry brought us there again. These monks gave me the information about blacksmith who kept the secret of alchemy. It was the next destination. The flying tapestry and my trinity of Subpersonality shadows were waiting for me there. 

Naturally, my voice, resonating from my throat chakra, began to chant the Ashtanga opening mantra.


Vande Gurunam Charanaravinde

(I bow to the lotus feet of the Supreme Guru)

Sandarshita Svatma Sukava Bodh

(which awaken insight into the happiness of pure Being)

Nih Sreyase Jangalikayamane 

(which are the refuge, the jungle physician)

Samsara Halahala Mohashantyai

(Which eliminate the delusion caused by the poisonous herb of Samsara conditioned existence)

I closed my eyes and created the construct following Satchi's instruction.

Suddenly, I was in Kendo practice. My teacher told me how important is "Dandori 段取り" in Kendo. Before a precise attack, we must do initial setup called "Dandori" with conscious awareness.

Ah, I must do "Dandori" for attacking this task. I went back to the timeline on December 27, 2022. I started to apply the time slam and compression to the underlined key words in the review on that day. I must have eliminated the delusion caused by the poisonous herb of Samsara before going through the check-list.

It was a long meditation under the shining full moon.

to be continued....





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