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A Concert gave you different expectations

If you love music, you know how a great concert can improve your mood. The positive impact of attending a musical performance on our health, such as stress release, has been revealed by one authority on the subject.

Whether the artist is Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or some local performers, being present in a concert can be beneficial to your mind and body. However, if the concert disappoints you, you might receive suffer a negative impact and it remains in your mind as an unforgettable memory. Today I will only remember it as boosting energy and hopefully I can put my shoes on for the next concert.

On a little nippy day in winter, I went to see a classical concert held by a Teplice orchestra, which had a fine old reputation, at a local church of a spa city in the Czech Republic. Having heard about it in a newspaper advertisement, it was directed by the great Korean conductor. East meets West. My expectation was like a drum in a symphony and had longed for a new interpretation. Although I liked the concert, particularly the pieces of a concerto for violins, I was very disappointed with their performance.

Pointing to the lack of a vigorous sense of musical narrative, I can address three differences from my expectation. Firstly, various members of the orchestra neither harmonised in tempo nor shaped the phrasing where appropriate. Secondly, they had a terrible attitude during the performance, such as showing boredom by crossing their legs. Finally, how often had I heard that type of blarney about the performance through the conductor during an interview after the concert? Not only did he neglect his duty to convey his ideas and interpretation to them, but also evaluate them sincerely.

I believe that past experiences of making efforts to attend concerts and enjoy the music, make me feel charged and connected to musicians and the audience. This sense of wellbeing through positive and communal events surely caused me of being let down by my expectations.





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