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A Quality of Life

It is acknowledged that the definition of quality of life is varied in multiple perspectives by an enormous number of individuals. However, human beings are communicative creatures with highly developed intelligence, therefore, the key to satisfaction in their idyllic facet of life might lie in the relationships they would have and experience in everyday life.

The first writer explained the quality of life in general from various points of view. Moreover, he or she could raise an arguable point of real meaning of improved quality of life, such as a job opportunity and an entrance of gathering activities in their neighbourhood.

On the contrary, the second author developed the same topic through the interests of media approach as a trust-worthy opinion. By contrasting geographic aspects in its definition, finally he or she concluded it would much sooner be simple with excellent health and an empathetic family.

In conclusion, there is no easy way to feel a blissful moment in our life, despite living in a society dominated by materialism. It is an arguable fact that possession of assets and necessary materials could provide us with certain security within our lives. However, human beings were born alone without any clothes and we cannot take any materialistic objects after we finish our life. We have experienced love with family and developed a feeling of trust with friends and human relations. Therefore, such are the tastes of the good quality of life, where the essential ingredients are ubiquitous, however invisible and elusive they might be.





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