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Children's Game

The current trend of technological advances have surged into the human world; and surely, the boundary of children's games are no exception. A rapid change of children's games has given adults a chance to reassess those impacts on the children. Therefore, opinion is divided between those who see this change as abhorrent and those that give them a supportive push. The first text attains an opposing position toward the change of children's games by the development of technology. Furthermore, its excess progression has spoiled the joy which was brought to the former generation and promoted materialism.

On the other hand, the second text refers to encouraging the change into a good position for the children's satisfaction shows encouragement towards this change, and likewise the current rapid replacement of new models in the children's game world. Relocating their fulfilment to the centre of the social environment, only advanced high-technology is gaining value. I am of the opinion that a game, as an entertaining activity, must allow people to have fun. Unless this is the case, the game already has languished in obscurity. However, human beings, unlike computers, cannot keep up with the innovational speed for the whole of their life, once being mature, they can romanticise the past. Therefore, I guess that both texts have been represented by different generations who are at diverse stages.

To summarise, children's games seem to be on the crest of the wave in the rapid growth of modern technology and have lost their direction. Whereas in my perspective, it is safe to say that games will play a significantly important role to develop children. Therefore, its direction will be, I believe, the way to give future children massive fun so that they are motivated and have hopeful lives.





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