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Come out of your Comfort Zone

How do we conduct ourselves in open shared space? As relaxed as possible? Or as confidently as possible? Being positive no matter what your approach is can certainly help with social cohesion.

This essay agrees on a positive attitude based on individualism, not being associated with egoism at all, which is referring to the second text.

The first text describes the necessity of taking into account various ways of thinking from all of the different surrounding individuals, elderly and young, men, women and children. In order to do so, the growth of empathy is introduced as an inevitable activity among people who are born in different eras.

On the other hand, the second text develops the idea of the demand for individualism in a social community, which assures people of their value and enables them to yield industrious positive thinking.

It is certain that sympathetic emotion for elderly and physically disadvantaged people is a fundamental way of acting as a proper grown-up. However, to what extent do we have to perceive others' feelings? Even if we were to be able to do so to a great extent this were fully possible, the answer from your perception might not be hundred percent correct, because we are extremely personal creatures. We were born to be attached to highly personal things. Firstly, we must satisfy our cells , secondly this will result in our organs being happy, which helps our bodies become strong and healthy, then finally our souls can have the confidence to be kind to others.

Therefore the second text's opinion puts extra value on harmonisation in culture, but this could damage some of our human nature which is a passionate and gifted spirit: something which I find particularly agreeable. Furthermore, the suffering would discourage the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This situation presents a grey, gloomy cloud covering over the bright future.





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