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Discover new, unknown feeling you've never experienced in the hustle and bustle



In the first faltering light of the dawn, I drove across one of the bridges over the Danube, where pale green jade colour of water was naturally flowing. In Budapest at 5:30 in the morning, the speed of my thought couldn't retain even the speed of this mighty river flow. Therefore, I carefully search for the wooden large door which has an arched top after parked the car on the shady street, which reminded me the trip to Saigon. The Bandha Works located in the basement, so that I again attentively stepped down the white wide staircase. Otherwise, I might hit my forehead again. To be honest with you, I did twice.

These would be my early morning routine for upcoming 5 days in Budapest. First day on Monday, I stepped down that stair steps a bit earlier than 5:30, when I just arrived after 5 hours driving from Prague. At the end of the passage of white walls, I was given a warm welcome by a gentleman. He was Istvan who would guide me to Mysore program. He had a surprisingly calm facial expression surrounding clear eyes on his face. Before yoga, I refrained from vocal words as much as possible in order to tune my mind and thought with the flow of the great river just next to the yoga studio. My first impression of him was enough to establish trustworthiness with a little conversation for me. It was minimum requirement to receive individualised adjustments to challenge into my body by him in order to discover unknown something beneath the repetitiveness of ashtanga practice.

I stepped into the studio, where three Ashtanga Gurujis were smiling at me. Large oil paintings of them gave me colourful and uplifting vibrations. I highly recommend to put your yoga mat on in front of their portraits. Having done that, my eyes were sticking to eyes of Grujis, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in the painting when I turned my head to the side during Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana. This pose was my weak point after back bending and I've never stretched out my legs. But I did this pose with support by Mr Istvan. Sharing my joy with Grujis in the paintings, I was holding my big toe and the other leg was falling into gravity. I've discovered the dynamic moment, just before a bird flying off the land.

On the fifth day, which was the last day, it was a led primary by Mr Istvan. At 6:00 we chanted, breathed and challenged together. I was filling my lung with dynamic, positive and powerful vibration of all yogis through breathing so that I could achieve the highest bridge pose I've ever done with assist by him. My arms, shoulders, shoulder blades and legs were properly adjusted and I trusted him to challenge my strength. I've discovered unknown feeling as I become a strong rainbow bridge with wonderful sensation which I'd finally achieved inside out.

After sinking into the floor while savasana, I was totally surrendered with no thought, any strings to past events, even illusion. I was the last person to leave this simple but functional yoga studio with complete satisfaction. In 5 days, I spoke less, but no confusion. The studio was functionally but economically well organised. I planned nothing after yoga, but each day passed smoothly with joy.

Except for the second day, which was Tuesday evening. I unexpectedly had an argument with my friend over the phone while I was watching a beautiful sunset over Budapest city on the philosopher's hill after a long walk with my dog. Everything had run smoothly since Monday. So, it was a rare case. I sensed something very unpleasant beneath the repetition of the same pattern of conversations. It was based on the unreliability of his past promises and adorned with new disrespectful comments. I was kind of bored and at the same time, I was conscious of what he was saying in order to strike "truth" to him. I knew that this would be the truth from my perspective, in the same time, it might be the delusion from his perspective. My unpleasantness kicked the ground. Once the truth which I'd ignored for a long due to keeping a friendship emerged, then the argument ran between us and I felt the vibration of his anger through his voice for the first time. For sure, he felt the same from mine. It was anger that kept erupting from our hearts. I couldn't help but hang up the phone, otherwise I might have experienced as emotionally intense between the truth and delusion. Surprisingly, after this I felt sinking into the ground like in the middle of the savasana. I had no thought, but felt that it meant to be happen. I believe that this is somehow connecting to this morning's Mysore, because I experienced a lot of emotional cleansing with tears during the practice next day. After the savasana I recognised growth in awareness of the spiritual side. Next time I would like to talk about the mental effect of Ashtanga practices. It has started surely influencing my mind, like releasing from poisons of conditioning and illusions in the "opening mantra". This might be a little homework until the next visit.

In the end, I will send heartfelt gratitude to Mr Istvan and Bandha Works for giving me this opportunity. If you are an Ashtanga practitioner, it is worth to try this Mysore program when you are in Budapest. Because you could discover new, unknown feeling you've never experienced in the hustle and bustle.

Thank you and Namaste

Yuko Ondrejka



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