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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Do politicians need good looks?


How important are good looks to a politician?

Both texts address the recent phenomenon that is putting weight on the visual attractiveness of human beings with their back to the wind of technology.

The first text introduces an astonishing result of a trustworthy experiment in the field of politics. The result shows that people who live in the high-tech era prefer visual advancement to solid, decent, but strong political tools such as academic backgrounds and experiences. In short, politicians are judged on their attractive looks despite these immaculate figures have been produced by the hands of anti-ageing science.

Likewise, the second text develops this phenomenon further in order to seek the truth behind the visually oriented world. The author has even succeeded to see the real picture, where visual creators are endeavouring to produce cookie-cutter Venuses and Adonises just for the purpose of selling more products. However, they have admitted that this trend has been continuous over thousands of years by various artists.

In my book, unlike the recent eye-catching supremacy beliefs, I will raise a strong objection against this homogeneous super beauty culture by showing you the following three supportive reasons. Firstly, this culture is of a return of Romanticism, where artists painted the various dreams of something that never was and never will be - a place that nobody can define and reach. Secondly, in this culture, the beauty of the mind can easily negate. William Shakespeare is quoted that love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, therefore a winged Cupid painted blind. Insight of this cupid is a virtue of human beings, not of computers nor A.I.

Finally, in this culture people, especially more vulnerable young people, are easily pushed on the verge of the insecure and materialistic way of thinking. Unfortunately, although our world seems to escalate the speed in this trend, a human being is ruled by the heart, therefore, we should be more dependant on an emotional bond rather than physical attention. Because young beauty is finite.





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