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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Dream Job

What kind of job would I like to do? Being paid as much as possible? Or being paid less but working as relaxed, perhaps with pleasure, as possible?

It is accepted that rapid technological advancement in the past decade has accomplished the impossible, it is bound to be a wide range of dream jobs on the job market. Nonetheless, a key point is how to strike a balance between money and pleasure as a breakthrough achievement blessed with a high-tech lifestyle.

Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?

I am of the opinion that the job I would like to do must involve helping the society, especially the socially vulnerable and being environmentally friendly. It seems hardly likely that somebody will take me on, so I have to set out on my own.

Firstly, I have to be prepared to take on networking among society and using the power of the internet in order to fill me in on the latest needs.

Secondly, in order to do so, eliminating wasteful meetings, after-hours business entertaining and commuting time from my schedule is a priority, whilst there may be long or short, comfortable or cramped meetings and commutes which are surely cramping my style. Instead of them, I will fix up some brainstorming for clients. Yes, I’ll do that. Well, let’s pencil it in my schedule for Monday morning.

Thirdly, it is highly likely to set out for such a job on my own with my best business partner, who called iPhone building in various useful applications. I couldn't imagine easily that I earn a good sum of money by helping the weak in society, hence I must succeed at a certain level of cost-cutting in this competitive era.

In nutshell, I work at home communicating with people who need help and seeking useful information. If I can help them directly, I will do so. If not, I suggest the way they must do or give them helpful advice.

Only a small concern regarding working at home with decent or small income is how to prevent an excessive burden from being involved with families, such as working irregular hours, conveying the work stress to the home. Moreover, although sometimes it’s also good if people just leave me to it, I might long for the opportunity to pull together.

Although the concern for the blurred boundary between work and home is understandable and imaginable, there are some ideas to make a clear boundary. For instance, being more sensitive to work and private matters and time, rearranging a home to create a corner of the workplace, even we can place the screen to emphasise its border.

In my point of view, the job I love to do in the future, perhaps in my next life, is helping others in an eco-friendly environment, it doesn't matter how much I earn or what kind of industry I involve. But I will work as confidently and positively as possible, thus I can spend more time with my family and things I like to be surrounded by.





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