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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Human Nature


What is human nature? Am I normal? Having been given life a birth as a human being, you have such internal arguments. In other words, your action no matter what your approach is can certainly affect every aspect of social cohesion, therefore, we cannot emphasise

enough the importance of commonwealth.

The first text raises an inherent question as to whether human beings set a conception of general wealth naturally as human nature or human society forced to set it owing to the fact of the necessity of taking into account various opinions from all of the different perceptions.

On the other hand, the second text acknowledges that philosophy has played an important role, as a compass always pointing to the direction that human nature should follow, besides this; it introduces some new approaches in order to understand it dynamically.

Unlike the era, when the concept of human nature was born in the field of philosophy, the world has developed into being more diverse, complicated and rich in perspective. Noticeable discoveries regarding human thinking, feeling and acting have allowed us to examine this further. However, we have winded wound around the simple cycle from birth to death, so to speak “life“. Therefore, human nature must be based on the life and it is a fact that we cannot exist alone. Like a need of parents to give birth, human nature needs active participation in a collective society.

In conclusion, although we were born to be attached to personal interests, year after year we have experienced highly complicated emotions and learnt how to deal with them correctly in society, which is dominated by healthy politics. Its satisfaction and confidence are the driving power to support the concept of the general welfare.





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