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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Killing for nothing vs Innocents die

It is widely accepted that there has been a heated debate concerning the death penalty. Unlike this phenomenon, both texts advocate not using capital punishment.

The first text develops its reasoning as a non-effective deterrent on the crime rate introducing the case in the USA and not only that but also being defensible on heinous criminals who have to await execution or parole. However, in my book, if the crime rate keeps flat, remains steady, then its deterrent has been working to prevent a small increase in it. The attitudes towards prisoners have changed to gazing in pity for condemned prisoners waiting for a long time, who presumably killed innocent people for nothing but pleasure, and this can seem emotional and a rather childish perspective.

The second text persuasively describes that the poor quality of police investigation proves the inability of repairing the arrest frayed over in order to fight against the death penalty. Although having mentioned the recent advanced genetic technology revealed dozens of false accusations, neither an immature legal system nor a shameful prejudice against ethnic groups is directly connected to any justification for the abolition of capital punishment. It seems too early to jump to a conclusion. These are surely the matter of improving conventional investigative methods in the police and the prosecution and the countermeasure for prejudice against ethnic minorities should prioritize education to awaken morals and a sense of equality among minorities.

Whilst neither is anything as savage as killing people for nothing is, most condemned convicts commit more than one atrocious and brutal murder in countries ruled by law. Therefore, I will take a position that real justice requires people to suffer in a way appropriate for their crime level, and yet, under the condition that their judicial system is functioning and their society should be mature enough to eradicate prejudice colourizing and distorting the truth of any criminal incidents. This is called an equal expiation of a crime or sin you commit.





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