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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Local Hero

Think globally, act locally. This catchy slogan has been chanted loudly alongside the speed of globalisation. How much have you conducted yourself in the local community? How much has the globe been removed out from a grey, gloomy cloud covering the bright future? Easier said than done. For this reason, a local hero is revered for his or her fast reflexes in response to needs, in order to motivate a vast amount of others who are rather blunt.

William Hemingway is an ordinary man from Scotland. He is single and enjoys walking his dog in his mid-forties with his dog called Badger. Since he started walking with it around a local area, a typical small town in central Europe, his charming Russel Terrier has attracted attention and his dazzling wit has intrigued his neighbours. Sooner or later, another neighbour started having a dog and after then another until a certain community has built up.

They walk together from time to time and exchange information, especially, how to behave toward dogs, moreover, they organize the coursing activity at the foot of the local mountain on weekends. I acknowledge that people greet, talk and laugh together while walking with dogs who have received good food, training and enormous amounts of friendship sort of love.

Although the word “hero” sets people’s expectations, even if he doesn’t go so far as to save the world but he made three significant changes in his local community. Firstly, he transformed it into a kind of family gathering activity vigorously than before by showing how he and his dog are happy communicating his neighbourhood. Secondly, he changed it more voluntarily by supporting them in thinking for themselves what the life of the happy dog is. Finally, he had the community grow proactively. It goes so far as to become aware of shortages and create a vision for what needs to be done for the future.

In short, people who can introduce new ideas, in particular, those who innovative strategies to make a difference in your community, could be a local heroes, moreover, he or she could be you. Let’s put it another way, become impatient! Don't wait for the authorities in government, other institutions or other people to remove the cloud out from over your community. Bring the sun back here by yourself!





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