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Our Relationship with Food vs The Ready-Meal Industry

It is widely acknowledged that food is one of the most important aspects of human life, yet this is too essential to improve it quicker and in various ways. However, the opinion about food development is divided; the one who is in favour of the current movement being faster, easier and selectable and on the other hand, the one who is against this movement in order to keep the connection of nature and traditional lifestyle which has been accepted for a long period of time.

Both texts examine the change and transformation of the food industry and eating habits of the British public. The aims of this essay are to evaluate the ideas presented in both texts, and the resultant positive and negative impacts on our methods of cooking and food consumption.

The first author attempts to reveal the fashion of changing food, which has moved rapidly into having more variety while matching the diet to modern people’s lifestyle, and yet it reduces the time spent cooking with real ingredients. Although he is documenting this dramatic change well, he could have developed it deeper by introducing its negative effect on our modern lifestyle. However, the writer expresses his nettled feeling toward this glorious convenience-food industry, pointing out the change of our prioritising time.

The second extract simply reports a glorious victory of the transformation of the food industry, which is neither fresh ingredients nor cooking utensils does it sell in the market, but cooked meals for busier inhabitants. Being ignorant, or might be in a pretended way, the author even expresses its further potentiality by the market-driven world without considering negative effects on society and the environment. It is rather sceptical and egoistic in particular.

In my book, we must be responsible for controlling the speed of fast-moving transformation by your choice of meals, not by the need of the market-driven world. Convenient meals always have strings, called waste, which can not only be unnecessary packages but also overfishing and illegal poaching. For this reason, I couldn’t have been more careful to manage my time for cooking, at least, weekend.





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