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It is arguably an unwilling truth that an ever-widening wealth gap among countries of the world has trapped people who are holding strolls on the verge of falling deeper into extreme poverty. Crystal clearly swift stimulus is longingly expected, although the media has played a magnificent role to draw awareness in it at any cost.

Firstly, instead of weighing on the exposition of the miserable unfortunate moment through the media, it is furthermore fairly effective that we will individually take actions right away.

Thanks to the internet, in developed countries outcome of all efforts which our precede humanitarians have made, would be neatly presented so that their stories would wield enormous influence on young citizens. Now we need education, the education will lead them to the right attitude, which is the development of the real physical activity and its experience. It must be emphasised by education.

Secondly, it is positively assumed that our acknowledgement of poverty and possible effects we could think of are prominent. With acceptance on this point, we must focus on the practical side of this notion: how to implement various ideas that emerged in our lessons in schools. Do action! Don't wait until somebody richer than you donates million pounds before you pay 10 pounds from your pocket.

In order to bring tangible results, we shall find solutions straightforward in campaign methods of charity groups. It is to use real teachers as representative examples of supporters in our neighbours, near areas from their schools. Not only pupils will be Inspired by inspiring teachers, but also parents.

Finally, only an individual personal pulse can be nudging us toward the goal. In order to do so, innovative changes in education and cutting edged styles of campaigns are highly effective to foster awareness of poverty.





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