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Renewable energy

In my book, tackling the global warming issue is like struggling to be rich with genuine happiness. There are various ways to succeed, however, like every single individual has different circumstances, each country has different levels of GDP, industrial sectors in composition, cultural background, etc. Factors which further complicate the matter is that we, all individuals, share not only the atmosphere, but also the planet earth. Moreover, the practise of mining resources, which has been the precious reservoir since ancient times, is finite. Given that I take everything into account, I’m convinced that three things must be implemented in all civilisations that can afford not to adopt a blaming culture, selfishness or short-term solution thinking.

Firstly, island countries which do not have borders on their lands must pour their affordable money into the development of hydraulic power stations and other renewable energy solutions, such as wind, tide, and wave. Because they have a huge advantage over other inner countries, such as most of the European countries, where they share some borders with neighbours and don’t have long shores.

Secondly, a large country which has a huge population must start reeducating nations to a new way of life style. Producing new literature and art to promote the ending of consumer oriented society. Utilising the same method as selling unnecessary products which are given extra value by highly sophisticated advertising techniques, promotes a new concept of life which greediness and ignorance will not bring any happiness in the end. Revealing the dirty side of consumer oriented society, such as huge amount of disposal waste in nature and the ocean, highly dangerous levels of waste from nuclear power stations which are pushed around to you who throw electricity around to keep your electronic devices charging and small shops opening for 24 hours.

Finally, proceeding with the plan to replace current energy with renewable sources, a vast picture with sophisticated, but clear concept of initiative by a government is crucial in order to cover initial costs which enable to produce and distribute renewable energy, such as the feed-in tariff scheme. What we must not forget is that a special social support must be prepared for the low-income class, such as handicapped people and single mothers. The inability to pay heating bills can indeed become a matter of life and death.

Looking over the hope to the distant future, where our descendants live, the term of help could be not only providing money, but also educating and training them to work by themselves. Knowledge is power, therefore, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him forever. Creating new job opportunities in the renewable energy industry is the golden key to success, like growing plenty of fish in the pristine environment. A great angler, Izaak Walton said, "Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God, and value it next to a good conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy". The health of the planet is the most important blessing of all.





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