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Space Development

It is widely accepted that space development is a feature of most developed countries around the globe. However, opinion is divided between those who see space development as crucial for species preservation in the distant future and those that see it as abhorrent and completely unnecessary. Whilst space development plays a key role in promoting cutting-edge technology and motivating scientists, this role could be fulfilled in a different manner, assigning space projects coloured rich politically to the history books.

One of the key issues is that space development demands an astronomical amount of money and time. Not only does the first text emphasises the necessity of an idea of space colonisation in order to solve topical problems, such as overpopulation and unsustainable resources but also does not address the necessity of a gargantuan amount of money.

Recently the notion of space development has become unbelievably fashionable by such as Sci-Fi novels and movies, but not necessarily true. The second text provides us with an insight to penetrate the money matter without getting tripped up by this trend. If prominent politicians were truly committed to improving the environmental issue, healthcare and education with the gigantic amount of budget, the necessity of a space settlement would have vanished as smoke by the generation of our great-great-grandchild.

In short, despite space exploration’s best efforts to discover the second Earth, it is estimated a long period of time and an enormous amount of budget. Moreover, it is difficult to escape the reality, which we are planning for great movement from the earth after not only using up natural resources but also neglecting the environmental issue. I am of the opinion that engineering and science are our common academic and cultural resources and indispensable, yet not only for the exclusive people, such as politicians and authorities. We must reconsider the role of space science and apply it to protect the earth.





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