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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

Space or Earth

It is widely accepted that space exploration is a prospective option to solve current global issues for most major developed countries around the world. However, opinion is divided between those who see space colonisation as crucial for species preservation and those who see it as abhorrent and completely unnecessary. Whilst an idea of space plays a key role in various industries including a creative field, we must firstly fulfil our life on Earth in a different manner.

Firstly, the writer of the first text believes in a frontier spirit. Therefore, he surrendered to solve the difficult issues, population and resources on Earth, instead he is looking for hope beyond Earth with massive money from political connections and support and backup from scientists.

On the other hand, the second author points out the remaining possibility to solve global problems. Human beings must live on Earth in the coming decades. This is crystal clear. There is neither a spaceship nor space colony in the near future. There is overpopulation and less food resources in the world. The writer wakes us up to see the reality which focuses on what we have now, not spending enormous money for space exploration.

In conclusion, although preparing for the plan B, which is space colonisation, is necessary, politicians must give a priority to saving and supporting people who live on Earth, the ground, where limited resources still remain. There is plenty of possibility to improve the current situation. People first, then technology.





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