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Space transport in 2050

It is always fun to think of space transport in the distant future. The idea could help our mind to take off from three dimensions to multiple dimensions. Like now, looking out above the clouds from a small window on the airplane, your imagination easily creates some futuristic vehicles which are flying with us.

Let's focus on 2050. It is an acknowledged fact that the speed of technology is beyond our expectation. Although currently we can hear revolutionary news related to space transport a couple of times a year, a couple of decades in the future we could frequently receive such news, like a safer and more comfortable model of spaceship released.

Those spaceships could be used in the travel industry. People in 2050 could enjoy their summer holiday on the moon, on Mars or in space colonies. Various types of spaceships would be invented with cutting-edge technology and scientists who might prove string theory. That means human beings would live in a multiple dimensional world. Isn’t it exciting?

Starting from the travel industry, people would build some transportation hubs in space. Firstly, we will invent the massive spaceship to transfer as many people as possible to the space hub. Secondly, we will use various space transport according to the distance and their comfort. Of course, we have to negotiate with our budget.





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