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Special effects

Two things make my imagination fire and stir at the beginning of a film: evocative music at an allegro tempo and spectacular visual effects. My heart beats like a drum in a symphony of curiosities. Nowadays, for the generation which lives with smartphones, strong effects are indispensable in films in order to distinguish between professional movies and homemade videos.

The film called Inception directed by Christopher Nolan is significantly distinct from not only home videos but also films in which there is a long parade of car chases, shoot-outs and last-minute rescues. Surprisingly, the effects in Inception appeal to me, not distracting me at all, which makes me believe they’re highly appropriate, even crucial, for today’s film industry. Therefore, this is the right one to be introduced now.

Inception is a dazzling sci-fi thriller in a world of dreams. The film's hero tests a young architect by challenging her to create a maze in somebody's dream and a team of dream specialists dive into this dream in order to complete their mission and we also go through the maze she has created. Like the general character of dreams, much of the time we are lost and disoriented. Thanks to special effects, we can experience unusual perceptions, literal metaphors and various speeds of time, engaging in somebody's dream as if we were dreaming at night.

In light of the above story, I propose three facets which make visual effects essential for the film industry today. Firstly, we are used to watching home-made videos every day, therefore, everybody expects some outstanding effects in films. Without effects, we cannot ignite directly the fuse of our imagination. Secondly, the imaginary world in our mind can become visualised with magical effects. An extraordinary story shaped in visual effects draws our curiosity. Finally, speedy action scenes and slow tempo scenes in special-effect sequences demand our attention as well as prodigious concentration. Different pacing can play the role of different spices in a delectable dish.

In short, Nolan has established himself as one of the most accomplished movie talents at work today, as if he were a magician of effects in a dream world.





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