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The Art of Advertising

There is a newly born baby God in this century. People absolutely adore him owing to the fact he kills two birds with one stone. His name is Efficiency, and gradually he has empowered the film industry to sell products through films.

The devil wears Prada, which people may easily guess from its title, contains some particularly memorable advertisements for not only Prada but also the fashion industry of which Vogue comes within an ace of, which makes me believe they're highly appropriate for exploring the art of advertisement through the film.

The devil wears Prada is a moderately entertaining film about fashion. Meryl Streep plays the super-scary New York fashion editor who bullies and humiliates her new assistant due to the fact is a naive, rather fashionless but intelligent young woman, Andy. Especially, its visual impact of advertising high-fashion is blatant when she carelessly tosses her coat and handbag, surely made by Prada, onto Andy's desk, every morning again and again. I bet that these repeated scenes must create momentum for buying PRADA!

Another noticeable, enjoyable and inevitable feature is the seduction of fashion in the big city. I can see the psychology behind this particular world where, people change as quickly as fashion does, which is the nature of this industry. In fact, this facet of fashion makes some people squint because it is too strong and glittering and other people comfortable because it is rather exciting and sparkling.

In light of the above story, if our God is efficient, the art of advertising through films is inevitable because not only are we entertained, we are also advertised to. As a result of watching the devil wears Prada, more and more people know the name of PRADA either positively or negatively, moreover, this film was one of the highest-grossing movies that year. In short, God, or efficiency, kills two birds, a movie itself and an advertisement of the fashion industry, with one stone.





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