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The changing world of work

It is accepted that the rapid technological advancements in the past decade have accomplished the impossible. Nonetheless, opinion is divided between those who welcome remote working as a breakthrough achievement and those who believe it will cause problems in families. Whilst there may be long or short, comfortable or cramped commutes, eliminating wasteful commuting time from my schedule is a priority.

The first text expresses approval of this new alternative from the employer's point of view in the corporations. Hence, it can succeed at a certain level of cost-cutting in this competitive era. On the contrary, the second text sounds the horn to prevent an excessive burden from being involved with families, such as working irregular hours, conveying the work stress to the home.

I am of the opinion that remote working is one of the best alternative ways to work at this time. Although the concern for the blurred boundary between work and home is understandable and imaginable, there are some ideas to make the clear boundary. For instance, being more sensitive to work and private matters and time, rearranging a home to create a corner of the workplace, even we can place the screen to emphasize its border.

Whilst our lives are almost built up with 3 elements, work, commuting and private time, the commuting time seems to be in a grey zone between the black, which means work and the white, which means private. I don't mind doing extra effort to bring the grey to the white area, thus I can spend more time with my family and the things I like to be surrounded by.





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