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Unsustainable Tourism

There are still hidden, stunning, scenic charms somewhere in the world. This idea of unknown secrets inevitably attracts human beings. Starting with stimulating our bravery to go sailing in the angry ocean, we have dramatically developed technology in the field of transportation. These days everybody can experience this spirit easily without harm if you pay money to have your adventure prepared. Once you have left your footprints on a pristine beautiful white beach, the smell of money around you would start to degrade its natural fresh odour.

Both texts are rather harsh on the growing travel industry in order to change pure charms in local places into tourist attractions as if those were produced by cookie cutters. They promote not only tourism but also consumer culture. This essay will take their side and also will introduce some measures in order to strengthen the sustainability of concealing beautiful places on the earth.

The first text describes the writer's personal judgement about tourism. Having given visible examples, secret charms in developing countries has been on the verge of destruction from the outside as well as from the inside of people's heart by the evil travel industry. In short, local people's simple lifestyle has brought about complicated shiny consumer culture. Besides, the second text expresses our human beings as greedy vultures flying over the image of the best holiday. Having the best holiday every year among all friends and relatives, the travel industry keeps motivating them with eye-catching advertisements, so that the industry has flourished.

As two texts are supposing, it is high time to start building a berm from an expansion of commercial tourism. In the meantime, we must stop dreaming about the easy but amazing holiday without difficulty and unconformity. If you reached the hidden secret place without the local environment and people, you would keep this unforgettable experience in your heart deeply. It will cheer you up anytime you close your eyes.

The rapid development of technology and telecommunication allows us to reveal the secrets of the earth. While these have been motivating and educating young and adults, we should learn how to refrain from exposing everything through high-tech gadgets, then close our eyes to meditate. We can fly to the hidden secret spot anytime.





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