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The art of silence


The art of silence. Silence is golden. I practiced it today in my first meeting with a lawyer. I also used it last Tuesday in a conversation with my ex-husband who called me for the first time in a month. I must exercise discipline. So I listened in silence to the interpreter who had divorced three times and proudly talked about his fourth marriage and graciously affirmed the marriage system. 


The more you master this secret, the more you will be amazed at the greatness of its power. In a nutshell, it's a tactic that can retreat soldiers who are good at reacting and send soldiers who act correctly to the front line. If you stop the reaction, there is no room for any human drama. I let my emotions sleep and I'm not even ready to play emotional Yo-Yo, so I naturally beat a retreat from the front line. Then my five senses begin to take charge of the situation. With my mouth closed, the feeling of having positive constructive daydreaming comes to mind. This state produces gold.

In the meeting with the lawyer, I was able to listen to the worst case scenario to end up without emotion. In other words, I experienced the humiliation that a lazy alcoholic ex-husband could obtain 100% of custody for our 12-year-old daughter with me paying monthly child support to my ex-husband until our daughter turns 18 years old, plus paying his food allowance until he gets a job. The art of silence created a golden ticket that I could watch in a daydream theatre.


When my ex-husband called me on Skype over a month after he kicked me out of our flat and asked me to pay for the living and repair fee of his car, I listened to all his unreasonable demands in a daydream state and pressed the golden button of record. I let my emotions sleep.


Even when one of my bosses, who volunteered to interpret during the meeting with the lawyer, positively talked about his three divorce experiences and a conditional love contract with his fourth wife, I had some kind of awakened dream. In this state, I was able to produce a golden smile on my face. After that, he gave me back a golden interpretation.


The silence is golden and the speech is silver, surely the emotion is copper.

​Edited by Ross McLelland

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