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SAHARA is the second part of the triptych after KIOSK. In January 2022, the protagonist had a mysterious lucid dream again. She transforms into a Raven in a vivid dream, fought duels, and soared into the sky with a golden sandstorm.


The next day, through a stroke of fate, the protagonist stumbles upon a hidden gem: the DOJO of Kendo, a sacred place where the art of Japanese swordsmanship is practised. Biting back her Samurai great-grandmother's disappointment, she embarks on a quest to rediscover her family's lost virtue in the heart of Europe.


The determined protagonist begins to train rigorously, immersing herself in the ways of the Samurai. As she hones her skills and discipline, she gradually unlocks the essence of Samurai virtue within herself.


Meanwhile, her meditation teacher presents her with a daunting challenge: to confront her ego and the destructive forces of her sub-personality that have plagued her life, while releasing her Karma.


Amidst the clash of swords and the echoes of inner turmoil, our protagonist's journey unfolds with a mix of dedication, self-discovery, and the relentless pursuit of redemption. The second part of the triptych promises a riveting tale of transformation, where the protagonist battles not only external foes but also the shadows within herself, striving to reclaim her heritage and find harmony amid adversity.

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