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一方、瞑想には創造力が不可欠だ。口と目を閉じるからだ。2つ以上の知覚が遮断されると、創造力が顔を出す。創造力が働いている時、人は無に近くなる、当然と言えば当然だ。知覚を最小限の機能にするからだ。ここが、夜夢との違いだ。そして、この無と瞑想はかなり近い。集中しているとも言える。 そして、戦士の武蔵が言った「単刀直入」の状態にあると言える。この状態になると、別世界に自由に行け、どの方向にも移動できる。しかも、自分が意図する速度で。目を閉じてオーデオブックを聞いている時の頭の中に似ているが、言葉から作られる世界ではない。創造力から生み出される世界なのだ。


​My Meditation


It has been a month since I entered the front gate of the art of silence. I used to wear my heart on my sleeve. I was strongly affected by my feelings and moods. My awareness of myself was influenced by my momentary feelings, and this perception was subject to rapid changes of mood and emotion. By closing my mouth, I learn to understand why I react as I do to various situations, and then I can begin to change my response patterns and take more control of my life. In brief, my perception moves correctly and I am in a daydream. This is very similar to the state during meditation. The difference is that daydreaming uses imagination, but meditation uses creativity.


At L'ESCALA in Spain, where I learnt the art of meditation, my perception recognized another dimension. During meditation, I would be able to peep into another world. In other words, you can use your creativity to express an alternative world. And I think this dimension is higher than that of the night dream. Daydreaming is a lower dimension than dreaming at night. Therefore, I define these differences in dimension as the differences between expressiveness, imagination and creativity.


In other words, the state of daydreaming is on the same level as the real world. However, by the act of not speaking, my sensibility works correctly. I am in the conscious state from the unconscious state which is my lack of emotional self-sufficiency driven by consequent reactions. Then, I start imagining the perception of others and memorise it as it is, or after judging it, memorise it. I could express my sensitivity through daydreaming to nurture others. This is the power of silence, furthermore, I could say, it is a silent intelligence.


On the other hand, creativity is indispensable for meditation. Because we close our mouths and eyes. Creativity emerges when two or more perceptions are blocked. When creativity is working, people are close to "emptiness" or "voidness". This is because it minimises perceptions. And this state of emptiness and meditation have the same vibration. And I could say that I am in a condition of "no-nonsense" which Musashi the warrior stated. In this condition, you can freely go to another world and move in any direction. Moreover, at the speed, you intended. It is similar to the world in my head when I am listening to an audiobook with my eyes closed, but it's not the world made up of words. It's the world created from creativity.

​Edited by Ross McLelland

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