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  • 執筆者の写真Yuko

気合 きあい Kiai



剣道四病(驚き、恐れ、疑い、混乱)を相手に与えるだけでなく、相手の意志や精神を抑制し、効果的に相手をコントロールすることができる。 気合とは、自分と他人の気合を合わせることである。自分の気合で相手の気合を抑え、相手をコントロールする力を持つことを意味する。別の言い方をすれば、精神を一つのことに集中させるということである。

Kiai-気合 is made of two characters, “Ki – 気” which is energy, and “Ai – 合” which means to unite or join. It is a state of being full spirit in the whole body and fully united with one’s mind. When your “Ki – 気” is fully focused on the opponent’s move and one’s planned movement in this state, the player can detect even the perfect timing when the slightest opening arises in the opponent, then the player can strike immediately without any hesitation.

Using it not only to affect and cause four Kendo Illness-四戒 (surprise-驚, fear-懼, doubt-疑, confusion-惑) in your opponent, but restrain his willpower and spirit and effectively take control of him. Kiai-気合 is matching of spirit of yourself and others. It means to use your own spirit and willpower to restrain that of the opponent in order to have the power of control him. To explain from a different perspective, it means to focus the spirit on one particular thing.



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