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Letter which saved my mother


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing on behalf of my mother who was diagnosed with ALS in May 2018, to ask you for some logistical help with a Trilogy 100 Plus which is produced by your company. My parents have two children, me and my brother. Although I’ve lived in the Czech Republic for 10 years, my brother lives in Tokyo. Although my brother had been looking after my parents and managing their finances since May 2018, he used my parents' savings and pensions for his business and now he has disappeared. Now they don't have any family other than me and my parents need my support to live. My father finds it difficult to hear and my mother can't walk very far, but they can live at home by themselves with some support. That is the reason I’ve decided to bring my parents here, to the Czech Republic.

As I know, using the ventilator machine needs a special arrangement by an insurance company and a doctor in Japan, she uses the Trilogy through the hospital and she has a permit to bring it to the Czech Republic temporarily until my parents' visas are issued and their insurance policies are ready in the Czech Republic. Therefore I have to get a replacement Trilogy 100 Plus in the Czech Republic by February 2019 and then I have to return the rented Trilogy to Japan.

My purpose in writing this email is to ask for some contacts who could help us source the Trilogy in the Czech Republic. I have contacted around five hospitals which have neurology departments, they haven't given me any clues, except that Philips ventilator machines are not that popular here. I have found neither a neurologist who is familiar with the Trilogy 100 plus, nor any information regarding it.

I will bring my parents to Czech in two weeks and will apply for their family visas immediately. It will take around 2-3 months for the immigration office to process the application. Therefore, by February I have to arrange a new Trilogy, insured by a Czech insurance company. Could you please help us, I want to do all that I can to help my mother enjoy her remaining weeks and months, some help organising a replacement ventilator would be instrumental and I would be forever grateful.

Best regards,

Yuko Ondrejka





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