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There are three factors behind my admiration for people. These are creativity, perfection and concentration. If somebody has skills in abundance, I cannot stop watching them. These skilful individuals are compulsive, therefore, TV series in which they are competing against each other on stage must not be omitted from your list of favourites.

Masterchef on BBC ticks all the boxes and meets the above requirements. The crisp white chef suits really flatter the men and women, making them appear like Michelin chefs. However, the real faces underneath the chef suits come from ordinary people. He or she strives at work and loves their family and has joined this cooking competition series on TV . Invited food critics play important roles in teaching them about the harsh reality. The competitors cook, cry, suffer and mature. From this point on, the Master chef reveals itself as a human drama.

In light of the above personal impression, I would like to highlight three facets which make this series deserve such popularity. Firstly, they are sharing their passion for food, furthermore, a desire to turn ordinary ingredients into a stunning, exquisite meal. These magic formulas are instinctively acknowledged as the key to succeed in their own life. In short, the viewer could dream to be transformed into a successful person. Secondly, candidates have various characters, but nobody is perfect. They could be your mother, your husband or yourself. Beloved imperfections can draw sympathy and support from all kinds of people. More people could imagine themselves as the competitor, in all likelihood, this competition program could be a long-running series with high popularity. Finally, their highly-charged and speedy action scenes during cooking competitions are highly intense and often leave us on a cliffhanger and it stands in stark contrast to the human drama. The striking contrast always draws the viewer’s attention and prevents not only boredom but also the cliches common to competition programs.

In essence, I believe Masterchef is far from being a contrived or far-fetched TV series and infuses the viewer’s interests without being annoying. I highly recommend you to select this channel at 20:00 on Friday.





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