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Potentiality for music


It is usually the case that music is arguably one of the greatest creations mankind has invented, however, people tend to regard it as natural as air, water and the internet. Whether or not this attempts to disesteem its players in public and to underestimate its potentiality in education are the subject of two texts. Considering the source of music is human’s creativity, the current movement which is dwindling admiration toward the activity of playing music is indeed questionable.

The first text voices deep disappointment to the urban society coloured in this trend which is not only dumbing-down music but also rewarding the musician who creates and performs is less. Highlighting the fact that talented musicians, despite their devotion to music, are seldom appreciated, which is not surprisingly given the explosion of free downloads. It is high time to intend to deal with this acclaim, such as it favouring quantity, decent and accessible over quality, fantastic and inaccessible, and return career musicians back in the light.

On the contrary, the second text reveals that music has another important facet to human’s life, in particular, which children’s development, in which not only does playing a musical instrument interpret music, it also expresses yourself. While keeping young learners in music in compulsory subjects in school is advisable, allowing some experimentation of musical expressiveness might help them develop an imaginative new approach. It must be in the school curriculum, why not?

Whilst music requires extra cost, such as the price of music instruments and hiring professionals, the benefit from listening to and learning music cannot be overestimated. Because, unlike other subjects, although it compels students to cram knowledge into their head, playing an instrument forces us to use the hearing ability and the precise movement of body parts and convey the emotional state. Therefore, I am of the opinion that the ability of children and adults can get from pure music is what distinguishes humans from computers equivalent to the great humanity which makes mankind being a real human, not acts like a computer. Why wouldn’t prominent politicians launch a campaign for current and future musicians?





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